fdse / International / Venir étudier à la Faculté de Droit et des Sciences Economiques

All students interested in studying at the School of Law and Economics (FDSE) of the University of Limoges through the Erasmus + programme or a bilateral agreement should follow the following process to be admitted.

1. Admission procedure

Deadline for admission procedures :
- full academic year : May15th
- First semester : May 15th
- Second semester : October 15th

a.official Nomination from your Home University
The student´s home university should send email the following information about the selected student to the Office of international Relations (fdse.relations-internationales@unilim.fr) :
• Home University (Country) + Erasmus Code if any
• Complete name of the selected students
• E-mail address
• Student´s Area of Study
o Academic year (September-June/July)
o First Semester(September-the end of December)
o Second Semester (January- June/July)
This step is crucial in order to be admitted as a student in the Erasmus+/ exchange programme at FDSE

b. Application
Once you have received your official nomination, please complete the following documents we’ll send to you :
- online application form (only students for whom we have received their nomination will be authorized to apply online) ;
- learning agreement (to upload during your online application). Before completing this document, please consult list of courses you can choose (in attachment)
The student needs to sign the final copy of the contract and send it to their international coordinator, so that it can be signed and sealed before being sent to FDSE
Upon your arrival at FDSE the student can modify their student contract if there is any problem.

c. Acceptance Letter
If you need an official acceptance letter, you need to contact us in order to ask for it.
FDSE DOES NOT automatically mail acceptance letters to future International Students in the framework of an exchange programme
d. Documents to bring with you
The International Student should bring the following documentation to present upon their arrival at FDSE :
• The original and a copy of your passport or Identifying Documentation from your home country.
o If you are not a European citizen, they should present a valid student visa attached to their passport in order to be accepted.
• The original and a copy of European Health insurance card or Private Health Insurance card with coverage in France for the entire duration of study at FDSE.

2. Arrival in Limoges

a. Registration in FDSE
Once you arrive in France, what you ought to do is go to FDSE in order to check yourself in and to enroll yourself at FDSE. It is mandatory that every international student be enrolled. If one is not enrolled, then you will not be considered as international student.
1. Make sure that we have a copy of your passport or identification and your student visa (only if you are not European).
2. Turn in your original and a copy of your European health insurance or private medical insurance with coverage in France for the entire study period that you are anticipated to stay at FDSE.
3. Make sure that your personal information (name, email, months of stay, and anticipated field of study) is correct
4. Make sure that you have correctly completed the online student application for FDSE and that you have sent it.
5. You will receive your University of Limoges Student card which will serve as your university ID
6. You will receive your FDSE username and password which will allow you to access the University Wifi as well as other services.
7. If you need it, give us your attendance sheet to complete in order to return it ASAP at your home university.

b. Housing
The Bureau d’Accueil International (BAI) of the University of Limoges could help you to find an accommodation. If you wish to have an accommodation in hall of residence, please complete this form before June 30th.
More information on : http://www.unilim.fr/international/venir-a-luniversite-de-limoges/etudiants-et-doctorants-internationaux
Contact : accueil.international@unilim.fr

c. Welcome International Day
During the first few days at the beginning of each semester at the University of Limoges, the BAI will hold a welcoming meeting with all the new international students.
In this meeting you will receive basic necessary information concerning your future experience of being an international student at FDSE. You will also have the opportunity to resolve any doubts or address any concerns that you may have concerning the programme.

Contact : Service des Relations Internationales de la FDSE : fdse.relations-internationales@unilim.fr
Bureau d’Accueil International : accueil.international@unilim.fr